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BruxRelief by Bravrr

Your health is an inward journey...

BruxRelief was developed by Bravrr Inc. At Bravrr we believe that your health, a better health is an inward journey. We want to help you become more aware of unhealthy, unwanted behaviors so you can change them. With this mission, founders; Brock Predovich, Trevor Clements, and Andrei Zgirvaci came together to develop a solution for one of the biggest, yet widely unknown behavioral problems affecting individuals throughout the world... Bruxism.

From left to right: CTO Trevor Clements, CEO Brock Predovich, and CDO Andrei Zgirvaci

All three founders, having suffered from bruxism themselves and witnessing the debilitating and costly symptoms of bruxism, were dissatisfied to learn that there was absolutely no easy to use assessment device for bruxism available. To think, they had been clenching and grinding their teeth unconsciously at night for months, years until they caused enough damage and pain for their clinicians to diagnose and help them. 

Unfortunately, what Bravrr's founders realized is that clinicians had no way of knowing if their patients were clenching and grinding their teeth at night. Worse yet, patients couldn't possibly know if they were performing this behavior at night because it was happening unconsciously while they slept. They only time the clinician could become aware of a patient's bruxism behavior was went the patient started to show damage to their teeth (tooth abrasion, broken teeth) or their patients complain about migraines and pain in their teeth and jaw. This needed to change.

From left to right: Dr Chris Salierno, Dr Lou Shuman, and John Kringel

With the guidance of the dental industry's top key opinion leaders, Dr Chris Salierno (Editor in Chief of Dental Products Report magazine), Dr Lou Shuman (Contributor to Dental Products Report magazine and creator of Cellerant "Best of Class" Technology Awards) and John Kringel (30+ year veteran medical product development & marketing expert), the Bravrr team spent over 3 years developing the patent-pending sensor technology behind the BruxRelief device.

Today, BruxRelief is an exciting new technology for both clinicians and patients in the assessment of bruxism disorder. BruxRelief is an incredibly easy to use assessment headband that allows the patient, for the first time, to perform an at-home assessment of their nightly clenching and grinding activities.