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Why Are You Still Grinding Your Teeth?

Fight Stress &  Stop The Pain Now!

Incredibly Affordable, Easy To Use Device To Detect & Treat Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) Disorder.

"One of the biggest breakthroughs in dentistry in a long time..."

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Designed with your comfort in mind. Easily assess and treat bruxism while you sleep or during the day while you work.


Access your results and customize your therapy with our beautifully intuitive mobile app. Available for iPhone and Android.


Send your assessment and therapy results results directly to your dentist so he/she can help you overcome your bruxism faster!


Healthy Teeth


Gum Recession


Tooth Erosion

Healthy Facial Muscles


Headaches & Migraines

Jaw Pain & TMJ

Current Problems Bruxism Sufferers Face


What the Dentist Doesn't Tell You: Mouthguards Are  A Band-aid, Not A Solution To The Behavior.


For years, dental splints and mouthguards have been the only solution available to adults suffering from bruxism. Dentists charge patients up to $500 for a mouthguard that protects one's teeth but does not stop the muscle pain associated with grinding.


You can buy cheaper night guards at the store but those still cost around $20 per guard and the pain continues.

Costly Sleep Labs & Biotherapy: Sleep Lab Testing & Biofeedback Therapy Represent A Huge Breakthrough, But Cost Too Much!


In the last several years, Sleep labs have built a booming business helping patients achieve diagnosis of their sleep disorders like bruxism & some labs even offer biofeedback therapy.


Biofeedback therapy has unearthed a huge breakthrough for sufferers of Bruxism / teeth grinding in reducing or eliminating their grinding behavior. Unfortunately, sleep labs & biofeedback therapy can cost $1000's just for tests.

Bruxism sufferers need a better solution!

Breaththrough Technology to End Bruxism Pain... BruxRelief!
Biofeedback Technology to End Your Painful Teeth Grinding Forever

Your BruxRelief Biofeedback device uses muscle sensing technology to SENSE when you are grinding your teeth. It then subtly alerts you with sound and vibration to unclench your jaw muscles and stop grinding. You are able to 'retrain your brain' to stop grinding by becoming more aware. It's like having a friend to make you aware each time you clench or grind. You can use your BruxRelief device at home at night or even at work during the day. 

Key Facts About BruxRelief...
  • Affordable - Biofeedback therapy at a price you can afford

  • A Solution! Not a Band-aid - BruxRelief therapy helps you end teeth grinding / bruxism pain

  • At-Home Therapy - Reduce or eliminate your bruxism in the comfort of your own home.

  • Smart Biotherapy - BruxRelief connects to your phone via bluetooth so you can use your phone as an additional alert signal and track the progress of your therapy.

  • Customized Therapy - You choose the intensity of your biofeedback signal and how sensitive you'd like your BruxRelief device to be

  • And So Much More...


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