BruxRelief Starter Kits Shipped

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BruxRelief Starter Kits Shipped

Updated: Feb 14

We're excited to announce that last Friday we shipped out all BruxRelief Starter Kit to our Pilot Program members!

It's been an exhausting but exciting last several months. In November we launched our Pilot Program with an online launch event that quickly sold out with over 115 registered dentists. In the months following the launch, we've been busy testing the device and app with dentists and patients, receiving great feedback, and adding some real cool intuitive functionality to the BruxRelief app. Meanwhile, over 2000 assessment headbands and 500 sensor modules were produced and packaged.

Now that Starter Kits have been shipped out to Pilot Program members we are excited to begin working with each dental office in providing them with a data-driven solution to support their diagnosis of bruxism.

Over the next several weeks, we'll be working closely with Pilot Program member dentists and their teams to answer questions, receive feedback and rapidly integrate what we learn to make BruxRelief even better