New Data Features Added!

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New Data Features Added!

We're incredibly grateful for the feedback we've received thus far from the clinicians using BruxRelief to assess their patients and we couldn't hold back in sharing some new features we've added to make the BruxRelief app even better.

Clinicians can access detailed assessment data anytime from current and past patients.

Once a patient is selected, the clinician can view results of each patient's nightly assessments. Additionally, clinicians can view each assessment session in even more detail by pressing on the day the assessment was performed.

Thanks to the great feedback we've received from the clinicians in our Pilot Program, we've added several data features to the detailed session report screen:

  • Total duration of repeating and sustained behaviors recorded

  • Total repeating and sustained contractions recorded

  • Average duration of repeating and sustained behaviors

  • Longest duration of repeating and sustained behaviors

We're not stopping here that's for sure. We're constantly working to make BruxRelief better and better and grateful for each piece of feedback we receive. Let know know what you think ;)

If you'd like to add BruxRelief's easy bruxism assessments to your practice then simply navigate over to our PRODUCT page to learn more.